HAPPY PREGNANCY workshop 2017, 11th of May, 2017

"Linking scientific advances with clinical practice in reproductive biomedicine”


8.30   Opening words, prof. Maris Laan, University of Tartu

I session: Interplay between clinical, lifestyle and genetic factors in reproductive health

8.40   Kristiina Rull, MD, PhD; Women’s Clinic, Tartu University Hospital & University of Tartu

          Lecture: “How healthy are the pregnant women: data from the Happy Pregnancy study”

9.10   Hannele Laivuori, MD, PhD; University of Helsinki, Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine

            Lecture: “The Finnish Genetics of Pre-Eclampsia Consortium (FINNPEC) studies”

10.05 Ewa Rajpert de Meyts, MD, PhD; Dept. of Growth & Reproduction, Copenhagen                                Rigshospitalet

          Lecture: “Pathogenesis of testicular germ cell cancer: interplay between genes and                                   environment”

 Coffee break 11.00-11.30

 II session: Success and failure of implantation and placental function

11.30  Ana Claudia Zenclussen, PhD, Professor, Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medical               Faculty, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

           Lecture: “Immunology of pregnancy and its failure”

12.25  John Aplin, PhD, Professor; Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, Univ. of Manchester

           Lecture: “Implantation and early pregnancy: from laboratory models to basic mechanism to                  clinical translation”

13.20  Siim Sõber, PhD; Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, University of Tartu

            Lecture: “Themes in gene expression in placentas from common pregnancy complications”

 Lunch 13.50-15.00 (with invitations)

 III session: Current knowledge of male infertility, its causes and treatment options

15.00 Margus Punab, MD, PhD; Andrology Center, Tartu University Hospital & University of Tartu

           Lecture: Causes of male infertility”

15.30 Don F. Conrad, PhD; St. Louis, Washington University, School of Medicine

           Lecture: “Genome wide approaches to study the genetic basis of spermatogenic defects”

16.25 Lee Smith, PhD, Professor; The Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of                              Edinburgh

           Lecture: Mouse Genetic Technologies and Resources Available for Male Reproductive Studies”

17.20 Maris Laan, PhD, Professor; University of Tartu

           Lecture: Role of genetics in reproductive biomedicine research and practice – status quo"

 18.00 Dinner (with invitations)

Workshop location: Tartu, Omicum, Riia Street 23b, auditorium 105.

“The seminar is organized by the Graduate School in Biomedicine and Biotechnology and Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine created under the auspices of the European Regional Development Fund (ASTRA project of the University of Tartu, PER ASPERA).”